Ca2+-Controlled Assembly for Visualized Detection of Conformation Changes of Calmodulin

Hongbo Yuan, Chengfen Xing, Hailong An, Ruimin Niu, Ruihua Li, Wenmin Yan, Yong Zhan (see publication in Journal )


A new strategy has been designed for visualized detection of the conformation changes of calmodulin bound to target peptide (CaM-M13) based on the conformation sensitive property of a water-soluble conjugated polythiophene derivative (PMNT) and the electrostatic interactions of PMNT/CaM-M13. Interestingly, the direct visualized PMNT color changes under UV irradiation and the turbidity changes of samples in aqueous medium can be applied to detect the conformation changes as well as the controllable assembly of PMNT/CaM-M13 with Ca2+ in aqueous medium. Because of the specific binding of Ca2+, the assembly of PMNT/CaM-M13 can be applied to sense calcium as well.