Fast-tracking of single emitters in large volumes with nanometer precision

Boris Louis, Rafael Camacho, Roger Bresolí-Obach, Sergey Abakumov, Johannes Vandaele, Tetsuhiro Kudo, Hiroshi Masuhara, Ivan Scheblykin, Johan Hofkens, Susana Rocha (see publication in Journal or in Research Gate )


Multifocal plane microscopy allows capturing images at different focal planes simultaneously. Using a proprietary prism which splits the emitted light into paths of different length, images at 8 different focal depths were obtained, covering a volume of 50x50x4 μm3. The position of single emitters was retrieved using a phasor-based approach across the different imaging planes, with better than 10 nm precision in the axial direction. We validated the accuracy of this approach by tracking fluorescent beads in 3D to calculate water viscosity. The fast acquisition rate (>100 fps) also enabled us to follow the capturing of 0.2 μm fluorescent beads into an optical trap.